Tuesday, 18 March 2014

TTT[1]: Top Ten Books On My Spring 2014 TBR List

Now that spring's around the corner, we all set a certain TBR list of books we need to read before the season ends.

Today, I will be sharing with you my top picks for my Spring TBR! (*≧▽≦)

10. Glass Houses
Book One in the Morganville Vampires series (complete/15 books)
by Rachel Caine

I've been longing to read this series since middle grade because one of my friends.

This book is very nice and doesn't go by the way of Twilight (the road most traveled by).

I had it on my kindle for a while, and I hope to continue it, because my bookclub might have a read-a-long for it ^-^

9. Born at Midnight
Book One in the Shadow Falls series (complete/5 books)
by C. C. Hunter

A camp full of paranormal creatures? Sign me up!

I am aware this series is not the best paranormal thing in literature, but I hope it will be a fun adventure.

Also, the sequel series has started, so I need to catch up on it ASAP

8. The Summoning
Book One in the Darkest Powers Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Kelley Armstrong

I must say, I never found a werewolf book that I actually enjoyed reading it, so when I got recommended by a friend that this is one of the best werewolves books of all times, I had to try and read it.

But this book is starting to get covered in dust, so I must say, it about time to get started on the trilogy.

7. Emerald Green
Book Three in the Precious Stones Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Kerstin Gier

I enjoyed very much the first two books in the trilogy.

The time travel was so much fun and Gwenth was a cool, believable character. Unlike most characters in fiction, she tries to make sense of the magic around her and doesn't go like 'Oh, magic exists. I need to except it.' There were even moments that made me giggle while reading.

If you haven't started the trilogy, what are you doing?

6. The Knife of Never Letting Go
Book One in the Chaos Walking Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Patrick Ness

If you have been around the bookworm community on the internet for a while, you must have heard of this Science Fiction trilogy.

I was curious about the idea of this novel: a world where all women and half of the men have died because of some apocalypse, that also made everyone hear each others inner thoughs; aka 'The Noise'.

My only problem with reading this novel goes with its size: it's huge. At least for me. Big books make me scared and I feel sometimes like I want the book to be done midway because I like to have my books read in less than a millenium.

Fortunately, I'm more into sci-fi now, which I will explain through my next pick.

5. Cress
Book Three in The Lunar Chronicles (incomplete/3 out of 4 books)
By Marrisa Meyer

Lately, I fell in love with The Lunar Chronicles. Every single book, every single novella I've read, I loved them so much that I can't get enough of this characters.

I hope to get to Cinder before the summer so I can make a special 'Lunar Week'- an entire week, when I post one review every day for the series (including novellas).

4. The Hunger Games
Book One in The Hunger Games Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Suzanne Collins

Everyone and their mother has read this trilogy and raved so much about it that God-knows-what just happened to the world of literature, some big change... Scratch that, this trilogy made every single book on the YA market part of some trilogy! Like we didn't have enough of those in the nineties with L. J. Smith!

In all honor, I must read it before the third movie comes out who-knows-when.

May the odds be in my favor.

3. Born Wicked
Book One in The Cahill Witch Chronicles (incomplete/2 out of 3 books)
by Jessica Spotswood

I always wanted to try out a YA witch book, because I've been getting so many recommendations from Benjaminoftomes' channel on YT.

This book sounds like a coll adventure, where family does matter, because in so many books, the family is forgotten and nearly non-existing.

And look at this cover! It's such a shame that they did a cover change for the trilogy.

At least the Hebrew version continues to make matching covers

2. Frostbite
Book Two in the Vampire Academy Series (complete/6 books)
by Michelle Mead

I've been longing to read this series for so long, I barely remember when I first tried to read it.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to get my way through, but this book is slow in it's beginning. I might listen to an audio-book to progress better.

1. Echo
Book Two in The Soul Seekers quartet (complete/4 books)
by Alyson Noel

Since I've read Fated, I wanted to continue the series so badly because I finally found a book by miss Noel that I liked. The idea of Native-American mythology is something pretty fresh and Noel gets out of her bubble and makes better characters and plotlines.

Now that I bought it, you might see a review of it veeeeery soon ;]

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