Thursday, 6 March 2014

Review: Mafia Girl

Mafia Girl/ Deborah Blumenthal

Fun fact- I wrote once a novel with the same name.
I don't know if that means this title is not very smart, or me and the author share the same mind. It was the first option.

Gia has it all- only because her father has no boss; he's the boss and will all those riches, her family tries to be a normal, cultural Italian family. How can mobsters fit in a normal high school life? How come Gia is both most loved and most hated in this weird Manhattan high school?

What's in a name? The name of the book gives us all we need to know: Gia is female and has connections with the mafia. But I feel like a novel with a semi-mature look on the subject of crime organizations, I think the title could take itself more seriously.

I really didn't enjoy Gia. She couldn't shut her mouth when necessary, she flirts with a cop that cough her in a stolen car with underage drunk driver and makes fun of her friend who reads on his kindle all the time. The irony is, those who review this ARC, most likely to be reading this on their kindle.

She also slut-shames around her classmates, calling them 'spoiled, stuck up bitches'. Oh, so the beginning where you said your name was pretty much your credit card, wasn't stuck up?

Also, I didn't really feel like Gia's family was really Italian-like. She describes her family so hardcore Italians, but they speak just like any other American. I though it would be okay to have a family who tries to blend in, but believe me, you blend in as well as a green horse on the streets of New York.

Overall, I barely read ten percent of this book. Maybe I'm a black ship who didn't enjoy the book, but it isn't my cup of tea.


This eBook copy was provided by NetGalley, in exchange for a honest review.

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