Friday, 21 March 2014

Review: Drawn

Drawn/ Cecilia Grey

Have you ever felt like a book can't disappoint you, with a gripping beginning, interesting plot and cool powers?
I also though that this book is going to blow me away, that it would remind me of the FBI series I like so much. It wasn't my cup of coffee.

Sasha has a very unique power- all people around her say out loud their deepest, darkest secrets without meaning to.
Being abandoned by her parents, moving from one family to another, until she is found by the CIA.
Given a new hope and life, Sasha is now on a journey to solve mysteries all over the globe.

Sasha was a very basic character, that the only thing going for her was her power, which was nice and unique and in my opinion, and could be perfect for working with the CIA.

But I also felt she was a bit too demanding and bratty for an orphan. An orphan would be grateful for anything they get, but Sasha was whining a lot about having to go to Europe.

I liked how the backstory is shown by little comic pages in the beginning of each chapter. Still, it didn't help as we go twenty-five percent into the book, and nothing happens.

This book had a lot of potential, but it wasn't fulfilled until the end.


-Comic Pages

-No progress with the story

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