Wednesday, 5 February 2014

2014 Wrap Up: January

This was a great month reading wise, as I completed nearly every challenge. Except for one.

My first challenge was to start two new series (which is not good for me, as I have many series I try to complete). I started Every Day by David Levithan. Yes, it was confirmed by the author that the next book in the so called series, Rihannon, is going to be out in 2015. I don't know if I'm excited or not liking the idea of a sequel to a closed story.
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer was the second series I have started.

The second challenge was to read books that the first letter in each title spells out NEW.
N was for Nightshade, which I didn't enjoy at all. I never really was into werewolf politics, slut shaming and too many characters that shouldn't be there.
E was for Every Day which I talked about in the first challenge.
W was for When God was a Rabbit, and this is probably the book I hated the most out of all the books I've read this month. It might be already my least favorite book of the year, and it was my first. Awkward.

The third challenge was to read a random book from my TBR shelf, and I chose Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen. I was bored by the first five pages and didn't come back to the book since.

The fourth challenge was having a book chosen for me by a stranger/ friend. My book, Cinder, was chosen for me by Sophie- a member in We <3 YA Books group in the Pick it for Me Challenge. I really enjoyed the futuristic world presented in the novel and how the romance builds up slowly.

How did you go with your challenges? I hope you completed them! :)

Books I've read this month in total:
-When God was a Rabbit >>Review<<
-Every Day {Every Day, #1} >>Review<<
-Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no vol.2 >>Review<<
-Glitches {The Lunar Chronicles, #0.5} >>Review<<
-Cinder {The Lunar Chronicles, #1} >>Review<<
-Nightshade {Nightshade, #1} >>Review<<


  1. Oh oh. I have been away so long that I missed February's challenges and forgot to make the wrap-up post of January. BUT I make it today and I will make some reviews of those books asap. Nice reads yours! and Looking forward to March's challenges.

    1. I posted March's challenges!
      I hope you'll enjoy them ;)