Friday, 28 February 2014

2014 Wrap Up: February

This was probably my worst month of reading ever. Let's hope it stays like that and I will continue to read many books.

This month not only I've read only four books (which sucks), but also completed only two challenges out of eight. I need to take my reading exceptions bar and low it down, because I'm hella crazy when I'm giving myself challenges to complete!

Anyhow, the first challenge I completed was- having a buddy read with someone you barely know. You know what? I didn't regret this challenge at all! I've read the book with Mizuki, a really cool person on Goodreads, which I befriended through the read-a-long. We loved laughing at the book and make fun of all the stupid moments it had. She completed the book, so even though I didn't complete it myself but very close to the ending, it counts as complete... right?

The second challenge I completed was to re-read a book, and guess what I had to read for a literature exam? Trumpet in the Wadi. This book is a melo-drama at it worst nature. The writing is really unreadable (I've read it in the original language- Hebrew) and I was so annoyed at the characters. Do not recommend!

Books I've read this month in order:
-DuRaRaRa!! by Ryougo Narita
-Accel World by Kawahara Reki
-Trumpet in the Wadi by Sami Michael
-The Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis

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