Sunday, 26 January 2014

Review: Every Day (Every Day, #1)

Every Day (Every Day, #1)/ David Levithan

Magical realism, a person who wakes up every morning as someone else and a very shy girl as a love interest. What could possibly go wrong?
Just a thing or two.

A has never lived for more than one day in the same body. Every day he has to wake up in a new environment and he accepts life as it is, until he meets Rihhanon.

First of all, I must say I just adored this book! I fangirled over A (whichever it's a girl or a boy, it doesn't matter!), I fangirled over the cute scenes with Rihhanon, I fangirled over the moments A helped other people's lives and nearly died toward the end.

Let's sum it up in a few gifs, because talking is cheap:

I enjoyed the story, characters, how Levithan expresses life and how all the story summed up.

The only thing I have to say that I didn't like about the novel is that Rihannon stopped being the sweet shy girl and that some days just didn't really have purpose in the story.

But overall, I think this is a book for anyone. Unless you're a homophobe.
If so, GTFO


-the life lessons

-the main female character becoming a bitch toward the end
-meaningless chapters


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