Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Wrap Up: Series

2013 will be always remembered as a year for many great sequels and many disappointing new series. 
I wanted to read this year at least five books, but guess what: I completed only one. Which was a good surprise. Anyhow, today I present to you my progress in series and my bucket list for the next year! Stay tuned for best and worse lists of books for 2013!

Status: completed

I must say, I didn't expect to read this right in the end of the year, even though I didn't enjoy them much. What was good about those series is that it goes by fast. When you're sitting in class. Dying.
Favorite book: Incarseron {#1}

Vampire Kisses
Status: in-progress, read 5/9

I started this series back at middle grade, and I loved it! 
But nowadays it's hard for me to take this books seriously, I still enjoy the mood, even though Raven is a Mary Sue and Alexander can be moody sometimes.
The minor characters and the setting are really nice and give the almost empty story some character.
Favorite book: Dance with a Vampire {#4}

Vampire Academy
Status: in-progress, read 1/6

I really enjoyed the first book in the series. I don't understand how people say it gets better only after the second book!
Rose is a kick-ass character, Lissa is an adorable goody-two-shoes. This friendship works in more than a million ways and i like how they support each other.
Th world building is also nice, even though I want to know more about what's outside the academy.
Favorite book: Vampire Academy {#1}
Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Status: in-progress, read 2/5

Rick Riordan brings me back to the times when I obsessed with Greek mythology as a kid. You can see how this series is perfect for me, right?
If you have hesitated to pick up this series, try to read the first page and don't you dare to tell me the narration is not witty enough for a twelve years old.
Favorite book: The Lighting Thief {#1}
Status: in-progress, read 1/3

Two bad-ass characters who supposed to be each others enemies. We know how this sorts out, right?
I really enjoyed the first book and fell deeply in love with it. The book felt more like a movie than a book. Action packed and great visuals.
I also loved the relationship between characters and how they're connected to each other, and probably fan-girled too much from all the characters.
Favorite book: Legend {#1}

The Soul Seekers
Status: in-progress, read 1/4

This is my favorite series by Alyson Noel for a reason.
This series sparked an interest in me for Native American mythology, and unlike some books (yes, I'm looking at you Marked) it was well explained.
It may be one of the least favorite books of the year, but I have high hopes for the sequel, Echo.
Favorite book: Fated {#1}

Mara Dyer
Status: in-progress, read 1/3

My favorite book of the year, and yes, it got asylums in it. Seriously, I got a thing for them.
Whenever you like or hate creepy books, you should check out this one, because it has a reason for it's spooky nature. It's a mystery combined with psycho issues and supernatural powers, which only the sound of it makes it look amazing.
Mara is a such a cool and sarcastic character and I couldn't help but love her and Noah Shaw, the mysterious guy that every YA novel has nowadays.
Favorite book: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer {#1}

The Precious Stones
Status: in-progress, read 1/3

It's been a while since I've read any German literature, and it didn't disappoint me.
I don't have much to say about Ruby Red except:
Time Travel + Female Character + England + Myths & mystery = E P I C
Favorite book: Ruby Red {#1}

Number of abandoned series: 11
Number of completed series:1

Bucket list TIME!
1) Read at least one hundred (100) books this year.
2) Do at least one (1) reading challenge every month.
3) Complete at least five (5) series this year.
4) Review at least half (50%) of the books that I read.
5) Read for fun!

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