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Review: Drawn

Drawn/ Cecilia Grey

Have you ever felt like a book can't disappoint you, with a gripping beginning, interesting plot and cool powers?
I also though that this book is going to blow me away, that it would remind me of the FBI series I like so much. It wasn't my cup of coffee.

Sasha has a very unique power- all people around her say out loud their deepest, darkest secrets without meaning to.
Being abandoned by her parents, moving from one family to another, until she is found by the CIA.
Given a new hope and life, Sasha is now on a journey to solve mysteries all over the globe.

Sasha was a very basic character, that the only thing going for her was her power, which was nice and unique and in my opinion, and could be perfect for working with the CIA.

But I also felt she was a bit too demanding and bratty for an orphan. An orphan would be grateful for anything they get, but Sasha was whining a lot about having to go to Europe.

I liked how the backstory is shown by little comic pages in the beginning of each chapter. Still, it didn't help as we go twenty-five percent into the book, and nothing happens.

This book had a lot of potential, but it wasn't fulfilled until the end.


-Comic Pages

-No progress with the story

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Mini Review: Elemental (Elementals, #0.5)

Elemental {Elementals, #0.5}/ Brigid Kemmerer

I wanted to find out if I would read the elemental series, as there are many mixed reviews, and test the waters with this novella.
Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it much.

"As an air Elemental, 17-year-old Emily Morgan doesn’t have much power. That’s okay—she knows what happens to kids who do.
Like Michael Merrick. He’s an earth Elemental, one with enough power to level cities. Which makes him sexy, dangerous, and completely off limits. At least according to Emily’s family.
But her summer job puts her in close contact with Michael, and neither of them can help the attraction they feel. When forces of nature like theirs collide, one misstep could get someone killed. Because Emily’s family doesn’t just want her to stay away from him.
They want him dead." from GoodReads

Both main characters don't have much structure, the plot was really 'forbidden romance category's cliche and the writing wasn't gripping. 

Emily was really spineless, saying sorry to a man who was a jerk to her, and Michael was a heartless douche. Their romance didn't have sparks or chemistry at all, we just have to assume they're oh-so-meant-to-be-together. I didn't feel for any of the characters, and apparently Chris is supposed to be the main male in the series, so I don't think that I can read when I don't care for any of the characters.


-favorite type of cliche


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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

TTT[1]: Top Ten Books On My Spring 2014 TBR List

Now that spring's around the corner, we all set a certain TBR list of books we need to read before the season ends.

Today, I will be sharing with you my top picks for my Spring TBR! (*≧▽≦)

10. Glass Houses
Book One in the Morganville Vampires series (complete/15 books)
by Rachel Caine

I've been longing to read this series since middle grade because one of my friends.

This book is very nice and doesn't go by the way of Twilight (the road most traveled by).

I had it on my kindle for a while, and I hope to continue it, because my bookclub might have a read-a-long for it ^-^

9. Born at Midnight
Book One in the Shadow Falls series (complete/5 books)
by C. C. Hunter

A camp full of paranormal creatures? Sign me up!

I am aware this series is not the best paranormal thing in literature, but I hope it will be a fun adventure.

Also, the sequel series has started, so I need to catch up on it ASAP

8. The Summoning
Book One in the Darkest Powers Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Kelley Armstrong

I must say, I never found a werewolf book that I actually enjoyed reading it, so when I got recommended by a friend that this is one of the best werewolves books of all times, I had to try and read it.

But this book is starting to get covered in dust, so I must say, it about time to get started on the trilogy.

7. Emerald Green
Book Three in the Precious Stones Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Kerstin Gier

I enjoyed very much the first two books in the trilogy.

The time travel was so much fun and Gwenth was a cool, believable character. Unlike most characters in fiction, she tries to make sense of the magic around her and doesn't go like 'Oh, magic exists. I need to except it.' There were even moments that made me giggle while reading.

If you haven't started the trilogy, what are you doing?

6. The Knife of Never Letting Go
Book One in the Chaos Walking Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Patrick Ness

If you have been around the bookworm community on the internet for a while, you must have heard of this Science Fiction trilogy.

I was curious about the idea of this novel: a world where all women and half of the men have died because of some apocalypse, that also made everyone hear each others inner thoughs; aka 'The Noise'.

My only problem with reading this novel goes with its size: it's huge. At least for me. Big books make me scared and I feel sometimes like I want the book to be done midway because I like to have my books read in less than a millenium.

Fortunately, I'm more into sci-fi now, which I will explain through my next pick.

5. Cress
Book Three in The Lunar Chronicles (incomplete/3 out of 4 books)
By Marrisa Meyer

Lately, I fell in love with The Lunar Chronicles. Every single book, every single novella I've read, I loved them so much that I can't get enough of this characters.

I hope to get to Cinder before the summer so I can make a special 'Lunar Week'- an entire week, when I post one review every day for the series (including novellas).

4. The Hunger Games
Book One in The Hunger Games Trilogy (complete/3 books)
by Suzanne Collins

Everyone and their mother has read this trilogy and raved so much about it that God-knows-what just happened to the world of literature, some big change... Scratch that, this trilogy made every single book on the YA market part of some trilogy! Like we didn't have enough of those in the nineties with L. J. Smith!

In all honor, I must read it before the third movie comes out who-knows-when.

May the odds be in my favor.

3. Born Wicked
Book One in The Cahill Witch Chronicles (incomplete/2 out of 3 books)
by Jessica Spotswood

I always wanted to try out a YA witch book, because I've been getting so many recommendations from Benjaminoftomes' channel on YT.

This book sounds like a coll adventure, where family does matter, because in so many books, the family is forgotten and nearly non-existing.

And look at this cover! It's such a shame that they did a cover change for the trilogy.

At least the Hebrew version continues to make matching covers

2. Frostbite
Book Two in the Vampire Academy Series (complete/6 books)
by Michelle Mead

I've been longing to read this series for so long, I barely remember when I first tried to read it.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to get my way through, but this book is slow in it's beginning. I might listen to an audio-book to progress better.

1. Echo
Book Two in The Soul Seekers quartet (complete/4 books)
by Alyson Noel

Since I've read Fated, I wanted to continue the series so badly because I finally found a book by miss Noel that I liked. The idea of Native-American mythology is something pretty fresh and Noel gets out of her bubble and makes better characters and plotlines.

Now that I bought it, you might see a review of it veeeeery soon ;]

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Update: 2k Visitors, 50+ Posts, NetGalley and Book Buying Ban

I must say, I'm impressed how much the blog is still growing even though I pretty much left it on the side of the road. But let's celebrate that we reached a milestone!
Because not everyday you realize you have a blog with more than fifty posts and only two, fabulous followers.

  • Also, if you noticed lately, I've been reviewing many ARCs that I got from NetGalley. Right now, i have eighty-six (86) books to review and I'm behind on so many reviews. You will see a lot of them popping up from nowhere.

{I'm currently writing reviews for Drawn by Cecilia Grey and The Adventures of Jillian Spectre by Nic Tatano. I hope I'll get to review them in the next few days}

  • And like many book reviewers/booktubers, I'm going to be on a book buying ban. I will buy three more books and then, I won't buy books at all. Until when? When I got only five (5) books on my shelf that I haven't read.
    Don't worry, I got only twenty-five (25) books unread, so it's going to be nice and smooth(*´▽`*) 
I hope to meet more of you guys, and I hope we'll have a lot of good laughs and tears of happiness (or feels). Comment down bellow what kind of content do you want more!

Coming up:
  • Top Ten Tuesday is coming to the hood and I'm proud to pronounce that this would be one of my challenges for will power and schedule on work, so it will be easier for me when I graduate college and get a job.
  • I might review soon more Alyson Noel novels because those are my most popular reviews ever (next to the Vampire Kisses series).

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Review: Mafia Girl

Mafia Girl/ Deborah Blumenthal

Fun fact- I wrote once a novel with the same name.
I don't know if that means this title is not very smart, or me and the author share the same mind. It was the first option.

Gia has it all- only because her father has no boss; he's the boss and will all those riches, her family tries to be a normal, cultural Italian family. How can mobsters fit in a normal high school life? How come Gia is both most loved and most hated in this weird Manhattan high school?

What's in a name? The name of the book gives us all we need to know: Gia is female and has connections with the mafia. But I feel like a novel with a semi-mature look on the subject of crime organizations, I think the title could take itself more seriously.

I really didn't enjoy Gia. She couldn't shut her mouth when necessary, she flirts with a cop that cough her in a stolen car with underage drunk driver and makes fun of her friend who reads on his kindle all the time. The irony is, those who review this ARC, most likely to be reading this on their kindle.

She also slut-shames around her classmates, calling them 'spoiled, stuck up bitches'. Oh, so the beginning where you said your name was pretty much your credit card, wasn't stuck up?

Also, I didn't really feel like Gia's family was really Italian-like. She describes her family so hardcore Italians, but they speak just like any other American. I though it would be okay to have a family who tries to blend in, but believe me, you blend in as well as a green horse on the streets of New York.

Overall, I barely read ten percent of this book. Maybe I'm a black ship who didn't enjoy the book, but it isn't my cup of tea.


This eBook copy was provided by NetGalley, in exchange for a honest review.

Review: The Summer I Found You

The Summer I Found You/ Jolene Perry

Look at the cover. Look at the title. Look at description.
This book sounds like the perfect romantic read?
Not necessary.

Kate and Aidan are both tragedy victims- she has a high-level diabetes, he lost an arm, and a friend.
Each is searching their escape from the situation, until they understand that there's no escape from reality.

At first, I though that Kate breaking up with Sheldon was something to increase the loneliness in her heart. I didn't feel like she really was concerned about the breakup, but was more inforced in slut-shaming his new girlfriend.

I find slut-shaming (calling a girl a slut and giving her stereotypes by how she looks) very insulting and a bad trait that I wish heroines in the YA fiction didn't have so often. It's like making your main character racist (which is taboo in our time), and judge a person by their skin color. Of course, slut shaming can be also seen a way of bullying in school and young people actually suffer from how society sees them. I don't say that every girl needs to dress provocative and everybody be okay with that, but some girls feel confident about their body, which is not always a bad thing.

After being introduced to Kate and her best friend Jen (which I was rolling my eyes at, because she was there all the time just to be the-best-friend-who-knows-everything-but-has-no-personality), we meet Aidan.

At the beginning I though, "oh, so now we have another lost soul... wow." But I was surprised how well his pain was expressed! How he lost his arm during battle, how he watched his friend die and how he needs now to live with invalidity and grief.

 And actually, the first time they met felt like a really natural way to know new people: having mutual friends/family members. I actually though it was charming how Kate was all goofy around Aidan, and they found someone who listened to them, like they were made for each other.

The romance in the rest of the book wasn't strong and all the minor characters were so supporting with this pairing. Not even one person opposed that relationship, which looked really unrealistic to me.

Talking about the main characters, I wish they had a stronger role in this book, but I can't get everything.

Overall, I think I would enjoy The Summer I Found You more if it had a stronger build romance, bold characters and a bit more focus on the tragedies. This book wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best.


This eBook copy was provided by NetGalley, in exchange for a honest review.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

2014 Challenges: March

So, being easy on myself, I present to you a shorter version of my previous challenges. Kinda.

1#- Read a book chosen for you by a stranger
Delirium {Delirium, #1} by Lauren Oliver

2#- Read two (2) sequels to series you've already started
Sapphire Blue {Precious Stones Trilogy, #2} by kerstin Gier
The Evolution of Mara Dyer {Mara Dyer, #2} by Michelle Hodkin

3#-Chose a random book from your TBR
The Book of Blood & Shadow by Robin Wasserman

Friday, 28 February 2014

2014 Wrap Up: February

This was probably my worst month of reading ever. Let's hope it stays like that and I will continue to read many books.

This month not only I've read only four books (which sucks), but also completed only two challenges out of eight. I need to take my reading exceptions bar and low it down, because I'm hella crazy when I'm giving myself challenges to complete!

Anyhow, the first challenge I completed was- having a buddy read with someone you barely know. You know what? I didn't regret this challenge at all! I've read the book with Mizuki, a really cool person on Goodreads, which I befriended through the read-a-long. We loved laughing at the book and make fun of all the stupid moments it had. She completed the book, so even though I didn't complete it myself but very close to the ending, it counts as complete... right?

The second challenge I completed was to re-read a book, and guess what I had to read for a literature exam? Trumpet in the Wadi. This book is a melo-drama at it worst nature. The writing is really unreadable (I've read it in the original language- Hebrew) and I was so annoyed at the characters. Do not recommend!

Books I've read this month in order:
-DuRaRaRa!! by Ryougo Narita
-Accel World by Kawahara Reki
-Trumpet in the Wadi by Sami Michael
-The Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

2014 Wrap Up: January

This was a great month reading wise, as I completed nearly every challenge. Except for one.

My first challenge was to start two new series (which is not good for me, as I have many series I try to complete). I started Every Day by David Levithan. Yes, it was confirmed by the author that the next book in the so called series, Rihannon, is going to be out in 2015. I don't know if I'm excited or not liking the idea of a sequel to a closed story.
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer was the second series I have started.

The second challenge was to read books that the first letter in each title spells out NEW.
N was for Nightshade, which I didn't enjoy at all. I never really was into werewolf politics, slut shaming and too many characters that shouldn't be there.
E was for Every Day which I talked about in the first challenge.
W was for When God was a Rabbit, and this is probably the book I hated the most out of all the books I've read this month. It might be already my least favorite book of the year, and it was my first. Awkward.

The third challenge was to read a random book from my TBR shelf, and I chose Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen. I was bored by the first five pages and didn't come back to the book since.

The fourth challenge was having a book chosen for me by a stranger/ friend. My book, Cinder, was chosen for me by Sophie- a member in We <3 YA Books group in the Pick it for Me Challenge. I really enjoyed the futuristic world presented in the novel and how the romance builds up slowly.

How did you go with your challenges? I hope you completed them! :)

Books I've read this month in total:
-When God was a Rabbit >>Review<<
-Every Day {Every Day, #1} >>Review<<
-Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no vol.2 >>Review<<
-Glitches {The Lunar Chronicles, #0.5} >>Review<<
-Cinder {The Lunar Chronicles, #1} >>Review<<
-Nightshade {Nightshade, #1} >>Review<<

Saturday, 1 February 2014

2014 Challenges: February

As the seasons pass, new challenges come with the books.

This month we have seven different challenges, so let's get to them!

#1- Read a random book chosen by a stranger
Delirium {Delirium, #1} by Lauren Oliver

#2- Have a buddy read with someone who you barely know
The Evolution of Mara Dyer {Mara Dyer, #2} by Michelle Hodkin

#3- Read a chapter-a-day from a 400+ pages book (doesn't have to be only one chapter and doesn't need to complete the book this month)
The Knife of Never Letting Go {Chaos Walking, #1} by Patrick Ness

#4-Read a random book from your TBR shelf
Daughter of Smoke & Bone {Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1} by Laini Taylor

#5- Read a book with a romantic cover (two people hold hands, reach out for each other, kiss embrace, fuck etc.)

#6- Read three books from series you already started

#7- Re-read one book
Trumpet in the Wadi by Sami Michael

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Review: Every Day (Every Day, #1)

Every Day (Every Day, #1)/ David Levithan

Magical realism, a person who wakes up every morning as someone else and a very shy girl as a love interest. What could possibly go wrong?
Just a thing or two.

A has never lived for more than one day in the same body. Every day he has to wake up in a new environment and he accepts life as it is, until he meets Rihhanon.

First of all, I must say I just adored this book! I fangirled over A (whichever it's a girl or a boy, it doesn't matter!), I fangirled over the cute scenes with Rihhanon, I fangirled over the moments A helped other people's lives and nearly died toward the end.

Let's sum it up in a few gifs, because talking is cheap:

I enjoyed the story, characters, how Levithan expresses life and how all the story summed up.

The only thing I have to say that I didn't like about the novel is that Rihannon stopped being the sweet shy girl and that some days just didn't really have purpose in the story.

But overall, I think this is a book for anyone. Unless you're a homophobe.
If so, GTFO


-the life lessons

-the main female character becoming a bitch toward the end
-meaningless chapters

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review: When God was a Rabbit

When God was a Rabbit/ Sarah Winman

Some people start their year with their right foot, and there's me: starting with two left feet. This book was recommended to me back when it was only published, and my God, it had many reviews that praised it and ironically, acted like it was The Bible of philosophy. Now we have Life of Pi to fill that space.

The story follows a little girl who's name I think no one remembers. Heck, I think the author will be interviewed this minute and she won't remember who God is! Or was...

What was I talking about? A plot? Well, forget an interesting plot when you got a 'way of life' how-to-book that costs less than a buck. I think I'll first explain why I hate this type of books and then, actually review what I could read from the book.

I hate it when a book tries to force down your throat the way 'you should live'. It's like the book is either 'be happy and don't give a damn about society and bills' or 'believe in God, because science is false'. Some books, for example The Secret, makes you look at things in another perspective and tells that 'it's your choice to follow The Secret, and only yours'. And actually, The Secret had a bit of a logic to it.

But books like Life of Pi, is just randomness after randomness that no one wanted to hear your opinion about. It just there to get awards and be a major talk in dinner parties, where people with an IQ of one hundred (average) try to make themselves look 'intelligent'. Am I the only one pissed off?!

Now with the book: before I even say anything, let's just all agree that the cover and title make you curious. Well, last time I was curious, I killed by mistake my brain.

The book has -at least in the first twenty pages I've read- no plot, no actual conflict and gravestone characters, that actually acted like they have an after-death depression. The book starts with talking about some random girl who got a coin from under her skin. Or at least that what I understood, because the writing was kind of sloppy and lazy, which made everything hard to understand. The part I least hated was a conversation between the girl and her mother about God. Here's a brief summery:

Daughter: Mommy, does God loves everybody?
Mother: Yes, honey.
Daughter: Thieves, too?
Mother: Yes, honey.
Daughter: Murderers, too?
Mother: Yes, honey.
Daughter: Poo, too?
Mother: Poo is not a living being, honey.
Daughter: If it was, would God love it?
Mother: Yes, honey.

Now, this scene isn't really that much of a bad scene. In fact,Winman uses one of the most common humor formulas, that's common in slapstick: The Humor Triangle. Basically, you make a funny moment, and repeat it. And repeat it again, but change one element or change the reaction of the characters, and make the audience laugh much more. The problem is: there's no humor in the first two parts. Was it supposed to be something to laugh at?

I don't even think that 'poo' and 'God' should be in the same sentence. You talk in this book about religion but make belief look stupid as hell. And I don't think God would love this book, because it's 'poo'.

Overall, this is not really a book for a fun, Saturday morning read. If you go to dinner parties in a suit or cocktail dress too often to boast about lies of understanding life, this is a book for you.


-There's a rabbit here. Somewhere...

-This review is not enough to say 'everything'?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Challenges: January

Remember in my 2013 wrap up I said I'm going to do challenges every month?
Seriously, I posted it in the past hour, how could you already forget?

Anyhow, I'm starting January with a huge BANG, because I'm going to do four different challenges. Let's begin!

#1- Start at least two (2) series.
Every Day by David Levithan
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

#2- Read books that spell the next word
N- Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
E- Every Day by David Levithan
W- When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman

#3- Read a random book from your TBR pile
Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen

#4- Read a random book chosen by a stranger
Cinder by Marissa Meyer

2013 Wrap Up: Series

2013 will be always remembered as a year for many great sequels and many disappointing new series. 
I wanted to read this year at least five books, but guess what: I completed only one. Which was a good surprise. Anyhow, today I present to you my progress in series and my bucket list for the next year! Stay tuned for best and worse lists of books for 2013!

Status: completed

I must say, I didn't expect to read this right in the end of the year, even though I didn't enjoy them much. What was good about those series is that it goes by fast. When you're sitting in class. Dying.
Favorite book: Incarseron {#1}

Vampire Kisses
Status: in-progress, read 5/9

I started this series back at middle grade, and I loved it! 
But nowadays it's hard for me to take this books seriously, I still enjoy the mood, even though Raven is a Mary Sue and Alexander can be moody sometimes.
The minor characters and the setting are really nice and give the almost empty story some character.
Favorite book: Dance with a Vampire {#4}

Vampire Academy
Status: in-progress, read 1/6

I really enjoyed the first book in the series. I don't understand how people say it gets better only after the second book!
Rose is a kick-ass character, Lissa is an adorable goody-two-shoes. This friendship works in more than a million ways and i like how they support each other.
Th world building is also nice, even though I want to know more about what's outside the academy.
Favorite book: Vampire Academy {#1}
Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Status: in-progress, read 2/5

Rick Riordan brings me back to the times when I obsessed with Greek mythology as a kid. You can see how this series is perfect for me, right?
If you have hesitated to pick up this series, try to read the first page and don't you dare to tell me the narration is not witty enough for a twelve years old.
Favorite book: The Lighting Thief {#1}
Status: in-progress, read 1/3

Two bad-ass characters who supposed to be each others enemies. We know how this sorts out, right?
I really enjoyed the first book and fell deeply in love with it. The book felt more like a movie than a book. Action packed and great visuals.
I also loved the relationship between characters and how they're connected to each other, and probably fan-girled too much from all the characters.
Favorite book: Legend {#1}

The Soul Seekers
Status: in-progress, read 1/4

This is my favorite series by Alyson Noel for a reason.
This series sparked an interest in me for Native American mythology, and unlike some books (yes, I'm looking at you Marked) it was well explained.
It may be one of the least favorite books of the year, but I have high hopes for the sequel, Echo.
Favorite book: Fated {#1}

Mara Dyer
Status: in-progress, read 1/3

My favorite book of the year, and yes, it got asylums in it. Seriously, I got a thing for them.
Whenever you like or hate creepy books, you should check out this one, because it has a reason for it's spooky nature. It's a mystery combined with psycho issues and supernatural powers, which only the sound of it makes it look amazing.
Mara is a such a cool and sarcastic character and I couldn't help but love her and Noah Shaw, the mysterious guy that every YA novel has nowadays.
Favorite book: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer {#1}

The Precious Stones
Status: in-progress, read 1/3

It's been a while since I've read any German literature, and it didn't disappoint me.
I don't have much to say about Ruby Red except:
Time Travel + Female Character + England + Myths & mystery = E P I C
Favorite book: Ruby Red {#1}

Number of abandoned series: 11
Number of completed series:1

Bucket list TIME!
1) Read at least one hundred (100) books this year.
2) Do at least one (1) reading challenge every month.
3) Complete at least five (5) series this year.
4) Review at least half (50%) of the books that I read.
5) Read for fun!