Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Review: Wild Song

Wild Song/ Jane Eagland

This story was specialized for low reading level, but it also felt like the story wasn't fully developed. Still, I did really enjoy it.

Anna lived her entire life in a mansion on an isolated island. Living with her father and three other souls, as a cook and such, she never met anyone of her age and always lonely by herself. Until one stormy night, a boy is washed to the island.

The plot was nice and light, but it really reminded me a book I've read earlier this year, and despised it. Anyhow, I gave this book a shot.

I love how there's build up in the story. An introduction, the change, the process... but no ending. Seriously, this book has such an open ending that you feel like there's part two.

News break: there's no part two.

The story's reading level was for third graders, but it wasn't horrible or too bland. I actually think it was perfect for this level, except it could use a bit of more poetic here and there.

I enjoyed to see the romance unfold in a really cute fashion! How they started meeting each other and asking about each others life. They became friends, had ups and downs, had their moments and in the end, promised to see each other once again.

What I loved about the romance in this book is that unlike in some young adult books, sometimes the two main characters fall in love instantly, no real feelings, just loving each other for looks. This book gave the love to develop and made the reader feel it.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel anything for the minor characters. I kind of felt as if only Anna and Rob were the only one well developed.

I liked the story itself and surprisingly, enjoyed the simple writing. I only felt that the end was too much open and there's still a lot to tell.


-Anna & Rob
-Story build up

-Open ending
-Not feeling for the minor characters

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