Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Fire (Elements of Power, #1)

Fire {Elements of Power, #1}/ Heather James

This book was a really entertaining read, but some flaws just were in the way. This is going to be a free style review where I'll say all my opinions one after another.

Roxy is a royal from the Helian Realm, where people after the name of 'Protectors' are using the element of their kingdom: fire. She's in training to become a protector, when her grandfather summoned a summit where all the leaders from all the realms will organize.
Jasmine is a young girl from the Arcan Realm, who is good friend with the prince of their realm, where the element is: air. She is struggling with knowing her origins until something doesn't go right.

First of all: I liked Roxy much more than Jasmine. She was much better done and had much more personality to her. Jasmine was the most paranoid character that I've ever met. I didn't like her for so many reasons: not talking to her best friend, being judgmental of others and more. I felt like she was there to annoy me.

But, I really loved the world building! I loved that most realms have advanced technology (except for the Sephan Realm, which it's element is earth and all the people there are a bunch of green thumbs), and that each had a very unique lifestyle. For example, Helians are really loving the dangerous life while Arcans are religious people. This is one of those fantasy worlds I want to live in!

I also liked how the Protectors have colorful highlights of their elements. I would totally go around with crazy colors in my hair! And every element also has kind of additional powers, like Control for the Helians.

Another thing I didn't like about the book was how some stuff could be really predictable (I don't want to write down any spoilers).

Overall, the world building is amazing, most of the character were well written and even though the plot is a bit predictable, I really loved this book!

P.S.: Today, October 19th, is the release date of the second book, Water!


This book was provided by the R4R program in exchange for a honest review.

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