Sunday, 20 October 2013

Review: Deadly Crush (Deadly Trilogy, #1)

Deadly Crush {Deadly Trilogy, #1}/ Ashley Stoyanoff

Once again, today we have a divergent review: strong feelings of love and hate are shown here.

Jade is a normal teenage girl in a small town named Dog Mountain. This town is run by a pack of werewolves, that Jade grew to hate over the years.
Meet Aidan: the one who is going to change everything.

I'm not a big werewolf fan, but this book was actually readable. I love how all the pack and alpha politics were explained in this book. This book actually convinced to try more werewolf books.
Also, the relationships between different levels of respect in the pack; how the beta is the right hand man for the alpha, and how the females are supposed to look up at their female alpha.

But what I didn't like about the plot -or rather, the romance- is how predictable it was. No, Jade would totally not fall for the new hottie in town, or that he would get interest in her.
Also, many characters confirmed that Jade had a really strong aura around her, but I didn't feel it and the story didn't make her stronger.

Written really well, I could just slide through the book.

And once again, like in many young adult novels now days, the female point of view is much more realistic and interesting than the guy's. Seriously, Aidan is all about werewolf politics. While the Alpha only thought of his pack, Jade was actually the one who was progressing the love and main plotline!

I also enjoyed some of the characters, but none of them stood out. Some were a bit unrealistically changed.

Overall, the story is enjoyable and fun to read, except for Aidan's parts and not many likable characters.


This novel was part of the R4R program.

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