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Review: Sentinel (Sentinel Trilogy, #1)

Sentinel {Sentinel Triology, #1}/ Joshua Winning

I have complicated thoughts about this book. Some are good, some are bad; and this review is going to uncover everything.

Young Nicholas Hallow's life is turned upside down: his parent's death, the weird whispers dreams and the hidden world from the eye.

Join the fight between the Sentinels and the Dark , as good battles evil, sacrifices and torn apart families will unite in this fantasy novel.

Well, that was an interesting... okay, I'll stop joking around and say the truth. I was really bored with this book; I felt as if the book was standing in one place, there was pretty much no action or actual danger to it. I felt like all the scenes were like an unedited YouTube video, where the person didn't even do cuts between talks.

Also, I felt like this plot was really inspired by the Harry Potter series. Pretty much every character was a less interesting and cool than the characters in the HP series. I found many similarities- a dark lord with an army, some old man who's known by all with his greatness; and there's so much more to it.

I also hated that the 'love triangle' was with a boy and two much older ladies. Don't get me wrong, I hate all types of love triangle and I'm cool if the girl is older than the guy, but this is pedophilia, no matter what angle I look at it from. It feels really wrong for young audience novel.

Also, many claim that the book is dark and scary, but I felt it was just something to drive the book by. I didn't feel like it was actually having something dark in it or even something to make me shiver by.

Still, I loved how there's different types of Sentinels and that the evil lord takes fully over a corpse, not just goes and sticks to some human like a leech.

Still, nothing is really explained, who are the Sentinels and if are those demons? 

I don't hate third person point of view, but I felt like it made the novel much slower. All the scenes that doesn't include Nicholas were fillers and unneeded because most of those scenes feature one million characters that I didn't give a damn about.

I also think first person perspective from Nicholas would put more colors to the story and maybe even include some humor, which is always appreciated in any type of novel to keep the reader do his job-reading.

Also, the writing is really deep and sometimes it made me forget that the story was in the twenty first century.

Nicholas (Harry Potter):
Nicholas is really angry about the death of his parents and is really childish. Even for a guy, he acted like a kid; and from his actions I couldn't see him older than twelve. I was actually surprised anyone really considered him mature because he wince like a baby.

Sam (Albus Dambeldor):
Sam is the father figure of Nicholas after the death of his parents. Sam is described as about sixty years old who acts like he's in his thirties, both mentally and physically.

I know that this is a fantasy novel, but I do like to make some sense. How can an old man mover faster than a youngster? You need some serious magic for this, and I mean in writing.

Tabatha (Molly Weasley):
Tabatha takes care of Nicholas like of a son, and she barely can let go of him when he's out on his way to the journey. She was kind of spineless and wasn't much but someone who would ask 'what are you doing there Nicholas?'

Malika (Belatrix Lestrange):
I did like Malika and I felt like she's the only one who actually was a person/demon. She's not just my favorite character but also the only one I fully liked, except for Jessica.

Malika is wicked and chaotic evil, but really loyal to her God Diltraa (Lord Voldemort). She sounds really pretty but in the same time, poisonous. She's kind of more Poison Ivy than Belatrix, actually, when I think about it.

I didn't find any parallel character for her, and I was happy she felt original.

Jessica always acts mature, wise and confident, knows what to do. Most of the time. She felt real; her act was human like and charming. I only wish we knew more about her.

Unfortunately and fortunately, I got into a love-hate relationship with this book. It drives me wanting more and to see what the next book, Ruins, holds in this series. It is slow, but the writing has an old styling and some side characters can be lovable.


Recommended to:
-patient readers
-fantasy lovers
-contemporary fantasy setting fans

-world building
-HP like

-basic plotline
-most of main and minor characters

This book was an exchange with the author for a honest review in the R4R (Read for Review) program.

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