Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars/ John Green

Want to hear someone who speaks up his negative mind against the best book of 2012? Look no further, my friends! Because it's ranting time!

Hazel Grace has survived lung cancer with a miracle.Yet, she still has weak lungs and she's depressed for most of the day. Due the depression, her parents think it's a good idea to send her to a support group that takes it's sessions in "the heart of Jesus". Also known as the basement in a church/convent. There she meets a young boy by the name of Augustus Waters.

Before I start talking about the plot in general, I want to talk about the fuel of a story: the conflict!
Did I miss something? Because every time I try to find something that drives the story, I find only... okay, you know what, I find nothing.
Some of you may say: "but she has cancer, and he has cancer! It's a huge conflict!" but let me explain something;
Cancer is not a conflict. The effect after the cancer is a conflict.
I know, you would say that the depression and all the love drama is a conflict, but not in my opinion. I'm sorry. Not.
But despise this, I really loved how the story had a structure (you don't know how many stories I've read that didn't use time lapse right) and the romance was really cute!
I also love the funny moments between Hazel and Gus;
"I failed my drawing test three times." "You don't say."
I think that the romance itself is what makes this story beautiful.

I don't hate the writing, it's just that many times in a dialogue, after quotes, you could see;
I said- she said- I said.
He said- I said.
The word 'said' was mentioned over nine thousand times, and that was annoying.
Hazel Grace:
I actually really liked Hazel personality. She was witty, sarcastic and overall, a cutie-pie. Need I say more?

Augustus Waters:
Okay, I know that many of my friends are in love with him, and I still don't get why. One of my problems is: he's much more stupid than most people disclaim.
Here's an example: he puts a cigar in his month on the plane. He doesn't lit it up ("it's a metaphor. You put the killing thing in your mouth, but you don't let it kill you,") but he was let go only with a warning.
Also, when they need to pass hand bags in the security, they would take the cigars and throw them away!

Minor characters:
I didn't like any of the minor characters. They also felt really blend to me.

The story could have been better with a conflict, a strong male lead character and more flushed out characters.



-swallow minor characters

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