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Review: Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi No vol.1 (あかや あかしや あやかしの, #1)

Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi No vol.1 {あかや あかしや あやかしの, #1}/ HaccaWorks*
I usually don't review mangas, but this one is special.
The story of AkaAka begins with a dream filled with red camellia and the passing of a strange mask. The owner of this mask is a young boy named Yue who lives at a temple populated with rather unusual residents. The nearby town Utsuwa is holding a winter festival. Kurogitsune, his fox spirit friend, decides it’s the perfect opportunity for the sheltered Yue to experience the sights, sounds, and most of all–the food! Even though Yue is forbidden to ever leave the temple, they sneak into town, not realizing what they’ve set into motion…(from MangaHere)
The manga is also bassed on a visual novel with the same name.

As to tell the truth, the plot of this manga is actually a bit in haze. Actually, we don't even know for sure if Yue is human! We do have some clues that are given that makes it look like he's actually a demon, but those are not formal and nobody says, "yes, this person over here is a human/demon!" but more on that later. I do love how everything is mysterious(even without the mystery inside the story). Every person can see the plot differently, and I really recommend to those who like Japanese demons/myths/literature, this is for you.

As I read the manga in both Japanese and English, I must say, the writing of the dialogues is really good. There's never too much information, and it's really nice to the eye. I'm currently reading a manga called Kamusari, and let me tell you, when there's an overdoze of text, it makes you wanna put down the book. Seriously.

AkaAka's art can be described in one word: gorgeous. It's not drawn by the same person as who created the art of the visual novel, but the drawing style gave the same, amazing atmosphere: the feeling of the Japanese supernatural motif. For some people, the drawing of the body might not appeal, as some see it too 'slender' and 'bone showing', which in my taste, is not bad. It's actually in the right place.

Hero- Yue:
Yue is the hero of the story. He's friendly to other and sometimes even naive, carefree and going by his own pace. Yue can't see people 'normally'- he sees them as simple shadows(that are illustrated in a shape familiar to a fox). Except for two people. Those are Tsubaki and Akiyoshi.
The story isn't like 'yes! Yue is a demon!' but it does gives us hints that  he is one of them. Huh.

Unlike Yue, Tsubaki is not the happy go around person. He's serious and has a grim expression on his face. Actually, he hates everything. Even the camellia flower he was named after (Tsubaki= Camellia in Japanese). He's a loner and keeps his distance from everyone, like a true Emo.
Our fellow stalker who is sensitive to the supernatural. He sees himself as the protector of the city, when in reality, he's an asthmatic boy with a mask over his face and runs around with tissues.
He's Yue's guide/friend. He's a Kitsune, a Japanese fox demon, who always saves Yue's ass. He's also the one who drags him out into the human world and makes them both get into trouble in the first place. If not him, nothing in the novel would happen, and believe me, Yue would be dad without his foxy friend. But he can be kinda like this:

If you want a mysterious and beautiful plot and world setting, this is the manga for you!


-World setting

-A bit too mysterious 

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