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Review: The Coffin Club (Vampire Kisses, #5)

The Coffin Club {Vampire Kisses, #5}/ Ellen Schreiber

When I was one chapter away from the ending I didn't know, that the ending was worth it. And worth three stars.

I really recommend you: do not read this review without reading the other four books in the series which come before this, fifth book in the alluring series of Vampire Kisses.

Raven cannot sit down any longer without her lovely Nosferatu, so she catches a bus, again, to Hipsterville and once again, visits The Coffin Club. Now that she has three males who like her, adds another fangy guy to the list: Phoenix.

But who is that guy? And what's up with the underground dance floor where people drink blood like martini?

I'm confused if this plot is considered decent.

I did like that the book wasn't too much around Alexander, but it did feel as if he disappeared. But I do like the idea of a club for vampires to express themselves, and I found it really nice that the vampires didn't have to hide all the time from mortals. I would join!
But that's what most of the plot is about. Or was it?

The Pretender Mortal- Raven:
Raven tries to be a poser as a vampire. She pretends the entire book that she's a vampire, and when she is found out, she is so easily forgiven. Even vampires that Raven met a few times were her besties, and I needed a puke bag for those moments.

But I did like how she snicked inside and had the courage being with a bunch of hungry humanoid bats. Nice job! Especially when Alexander told you not to. Thumbs up there.

The One with The MPD (multi personality distorter)- Alexander:
Alexander started being really moody when he meets Raven, constantly lies to her and then, if that wasn't enough, he was dressing up like another guy and almost making his girlfriend fall for him, again. It's like asking your girlfriend to cheat on you.

In other words, he stopped being a lovable character.

King of The Club- Jagger:
When we meet, again, Jagger in this book, he's out of character. He's so nice to Raven, even though he forgiven Alexander, he felt fake. And what's up with him betraying Raven in the end? Does Schreiber tries to make the characters worse?

And where's Luna?

This book wasn't a starring one in the series, but I do hope that the six book will make up for it.


-Random Vampires in the club

-Most of the Plot
-Not showing us Luna

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