Thursday, 27 June 2013

Update: Wattpad?

Alright, as now I'm more than a year on Wattpad, I want to write little reccomendations in the end of every month to 5/10 books. Here a little something, to show you how it goes.

Summer Riot/ Dragonette_Zombie
Ongoing, 7 parts, 16 pages.
"Brandy Sade is expecting a summer as boring as the last, but things change when she discovers her parents won five tickets to go to Greece for the summer. However, the tickets were unexpected and her parents had already planned a cruise to the Caribbean for their anniversary. In other words, they were just planning on leaving Brandy home alone all summer. Now that Brandy has five extra tickets and her parents have other plans, she can bring her friends! She wants to have a good time; sight-see, buy some souvenirs, meet a hot guy. But there's a moment of a spark before they even leave and now her relationship with her best friend, Carson Andrew, is set off, the perfect balance disrupted. So will the whole trip be a catastrophe and the end of their tightly knitted friendship or will it entwine with something other than friendship?"

Fun and entertaining, perfect summer time read for all those who want a nice beach read or even just for the hot days. The characters are entertaining, each of them is different and unique. 
I also loved about the story that it so simple but heart warming in the same time. If you want a nice read on the beach or at the pool, this is for you!

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