Thursday, 6 June 2013

Review: Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, #3)

Vampireville {Vampire Kisses, #3}/ Ellen Schreiber

Okay, this book's rating was a little tricky: it was better than the second(***), but not as good as the first(****).

It's reccomended to read the first two books as to give you spoiler-free review for your enjoyment.

Raven brought back with her Alexander- and two more Nosferatus. Jagger and Luna are on their way to take over Dullsville; and their first pray is Trevor, the one who will spread the vampire blood in the entire town. It's up to the mortal-goth and her sweet vampire to save Dullsville from turning into Vampireville.

I did like the plot in this book than in the second one! I liked how Raven and Alexander turned into the Scooby Doo gang duo with a Mercedes instead of The Mystery Machine. They started investigating where the twin vampires are hiding if not in a cemetery.
I also liked how the vampires tried to make Raven break. It showed us not just that the enemy is some serious business, but also shows that Raven is still awesome.
Heroine- Raven:
Speaking of Raven, I got two points about her; what I hated and what I loved: I hated in this book that Raven was protected like a little kid by her gorgeous prince of darkness, and even more when she didn't listen to him at all.
But what I did like about Raven in this part was that she got her badassery back, and started being less of a Mary Sue (if you don't include all the three love interests).

Prince of Dorkness- Alexander:
Hey, Alexander, didn't you think you should treat Raven more like a lady? There's two other guys who are about to snatch your little bat from you. Catch her!
God of Skeletons- Jagger:
Jagger will never stop being a jerk to both Raven and Alexander. He's still sneaking up on Raven, and gets into her house without permission.

Soccer Airhead- Trevor:
He's being targeted by Luna and he thinks that she actually loves him, while she just plays with him. Nothing to say except he thinks that Raven is in love with him too. What a nice love square.

Goth fairy- Luna:
Luna was really cute but manipulating. She was nice but with a cause. I liked her.
I also wish she and Raven would become friends. It would be so sweet and...
Could be better if not the dragging mystery and finding out hiding places. And why is there so much description on cloth?

3.5/4 STARS

Reccomended to:
-Vampire lovers
-Those who read the first two books


-Stop talking about cloths!

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