Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review: Radiance (Riley Bloom, #1)

Radiance {Riley Bloom, #1}/ Alyson Noel

My day was awful: I got food poisoning, fainted, went to school for four periods and now need to review a book that I didn't like one bit. Yay me.

If this review is going to be a huge rant, don't be surprised.

Riley, Ever's little sister, is dead. With her parents and her dog, Buttercup, she crossed the bridge to the afterlife. She lives in a place called Here, where it's always Now. Don't ask for directions or time. In Here & Now, everything works with your imagination and... stuff.

I don't know where to start with my disappointment. I didn't ask too much from this book. I though I would enjoy this on the level of Kiss & Blog. But nooo. Instead, I got... a book full of crap.

Riley was one of the most annoying characters I encountered. Heck, when I hear people bitching about Ever, I'm like:
Seriously, Riley is thinking about three things: a)how Bodhi is cute without glasses; b)how much she misses the earth plane; and c)how amazing her investigation instincts are.
My, what amazing investigation instincts you got there, Riley, you know shit out of the blue! She becomes a legendary hero by not fearing some crazy clowns dentists, with fire eyes and snake hands. I think that somebody could have done it way earlier.

Also, Bodhi turned out to be a fail. I was like 'well, at least nerds get some love here!' but nooo. Bodhi turned into a douche-angel, being all annoying and dressing up like he's 'one of the nerds'. Don't you just hate when all the love interests are over the top popular/jerks/shitmouths? Well, Bodhi let down my expectations so badly, I hated him more than Riley.

And now, because I love dogs, let's talk about Buttercup!
Wait, I didn't like him. Why? Because even as a dog, he had zero personality except for being a cough potato. Even the dog is ruined in this book!

Now, let's talk about the world we're in. It feels like a white, blank room. With a hole or two in the wall.
Here & Now was actually really original- for a blank space. In Here, you can create whatever you want with your mind. Okay, got it. Good. Mm hm.
My problem was that Noel didn't really keep up with the base of this world. In this world, you can even change your cloth in two seconds and have any ability or skill you want. But was it done right? For example:

   All I can say about the skateboarding is that Bodhi did not ride at all like I'd assumed he would.  Because to be honest, I expected to see a pretty bad spectacle--- a real wince-worthy display. But the truth is, he didn't fall, didn't wipe out, didn't even falter the slightest bit.
On the contrary, he did so many loops and turns and spins and tricks--- it was all I could do to keep pace. 
I guess I didn't see that coming.
I was stunned in every conceivable way.
And just in case you think it can all be attributed to the fact that he's dead--- well, think again. I'm dead too, and I could barely stay upright, much less loop and spin my way up and down those winding, swooping, curving hills. Nope, that was pure skill on his part, a skill I clearly lacked.

Do you see what I mean? If you can get any skill, Riley's and Bodhi's skateboard skills should be even. That doesn't make sense to me!
And the little 'romantic' thing in the end could be avoided.


Where's my Taco?!


Not recommended to ANYONE!



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