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Review: Marked (House of night, #1)

Marked{House of Night, #1}/ P. C. and Kristin Cast

I'm writing this review after reading the second book. Be warned I will praise this one more than I should or want to. In a matter of fact, I don't know why Cast insisted on a series when the first book could be a stand alone.

Zoey is marked. Zoey lived a normal high school life, like any other vampire book heroine, and she turns into a vampyre by a mysterious stranger (not the Mark Twain book!). She has to enroll into the House of Night, an academy for young vampyres.

I'm actually happy that the book is set in an environment of humans knowing of vampyres. But what bugs me is they still don't live with each other in peace. But okay, no need to get all hysteric. But what makes the plot interesting is actually the fact that vampyres are more black magic witches and wizards. But they don't have fangs so I'm really disappointed.

The writing was... teenage like. Actually, that what the Casts tried to do: to make the language in the novel appeal to teenagers. But they tried too hard.
Zoey can't stop thinking about her math test in the beginning of the book nonstop. While I'm writing this, I have a huge exam in two and a half hours. Do you see me giving that many fucks?
And what's up with the vampyre spelling? Did they think it was cool?
Heroine- Zoey Redbird:
Oh Lord, help me.
Zoey was almost as annoying as Bella Duck, except that Bella didn't call every pretty chick a hoe. Was Zoey that much jealous of Aphrodite that she was blonde and sexy? Sheesh...

Zoey's Friends:
Zoey gets on her first day a package; a package full of new friends that should help her forget about her old ones and he stupid ex nobody gives even two shits about.
The friend I liked the most was Stevie Rae. Everyone love Stevie Rae. She's that cool and cute chick in not so good novels that make them better. I hope.

Love Interest- Erik:
Oh, the swoon vampyre that we need an AC to not die. He's really kind, nice, sweet, productive in act performance and romantic. Do I need to say more?

Nemesis- Aphrodite:
Guide- Neferet:
Neferet is a mature vampyre that I respect. She's a strong female character, and always holds her head high.

Cat- Nala:
Because cats need tot be mentioned also.
I did enjoy some parts of the book. Some of the characters were really amazing and it's hard to decribe how much I love Neferet, Stevie Rae, Nala and Erik. Good stuff, but could have been better.


Recommended to:
-Vampire lovers
-Fantasy lovers
-Girls who slut shame

-Neferet <3
-Stevie Rae
-Magic & Spells
-School with dorms

-No fangs! GIVE ME FANGS!
-Characters that nobody cares about

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