Friday, 21 June 2013

Review: Dance with a Vampire (Vampire Kisses, #4)

Dance with a Vampire {Vampire Kisses, #4}/ Ellen Schreiber

I don't want to start any arguments, as everyone have their own opinion, I just wanted to say this was the best book in the series so far. If you don't include bitchy valentine, that is.

To be fair, I suggest to read the first three books before reading this review for spoiler-free experience.

Jagger and Luna left Dullsville and all is good, until their little brother, Valentine Maxwell, shows up with an unknown goal. While Raven and Alexander have ups and downs because of the little Nosferatu, the prom is coming up. And that's the reason why this book is called 'Dance with a Vampire'. You're welcome.

The plot of this novel was more polished and entertaining than the last three books. Even though I feel the next books will be more action filled, I enjoyed even the little chapters with no actual meaning (yes, I liked the manicure chapter too. Revenge is best served... with black nailpolish!)
The writing was light and humorous like in the previous books, but some dialogues you don't realize sometimes who is talking until you complete the entire conversation.
Alright, finally, Raven and Alexander have actual problems in their goddamn relationship. They are finally showing signs of not-so-eternal love- Raven has a conflict of joining the dark underworld, while Alexander is craving for her blood and flesh.
Finally! I though it would be lovey-dovey one hundred percent until the end!

Black Lipstick- Raven:
Raven was just a plot device and a comic relief in this novel. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. She also whines about another girl buying the dress she wanted to prom and everyone are like 'we'll do anything for our little Raven'. I'm happy that the rest of the plot made me forget it.
And seriously, who sleeps with hungry vampires in a coffin?!
Not so Gentleman- Alexander:
Alexander was, once again as in the first book, swoon worthy. He actually was craving for blood all along! Now you're a true vampire, Alexander!
But I do have to note that he still all hurt and shit because of the little stuff.

The Missing and Missed- Jagger and Luna:
I miss those two funky vampires! I really do hope they will come later in the series, or else.
The not Amazing One- Valentine:
Valentine wasn't a strong point in this book. Let just say he was swallow, even for a vampire. But I do love his cool-- oops, I almost said a spoiler! Almost killed by fans...
The plot was honestly way better than previous books. I hope to read Coffin Club next month, even though it's right on the shelf.



-Where are the Maxwell's?!

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