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Review: Betrayed (House of Night, #2)

Betrayed {House of Night, #2}/ P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

I cannot describe my hate toward this sequel. Why was there a sequel? It doesn't seem to improve anything, and just ruined the experience of the first book. This should have a been one book, a stand alone, not a series that make me write a rant as long as the Chinese Wall.

I recommend you to read the first book in the series if you want to not get any spoilers. Better also read the second, 'cause there's a lot to rant about it in, a gentle but spoiler-ish way.

Zoey Redbird is the new leader of the Dark Daughters and Nyx's new slave. She continues with her stupidity to cause troubles, but of course, she's never kicked out of the academy. She dates three men, turns her friends into slaves and ruins every single bit of the story that is left good.

Sixty pages. The first sixty pages were a reminder of the last book. I understand why writers do that, as most people don't pick up a sequel right after they read the first book in a series. Most of them.
Zoey is the new leader, has some great friends and dates Erik Night, the sexiest vampyre in the academy. Or not... Zoey is not satisfied easily, so she needs more men to whore herself out for.
She flirts with one of the professors in the academy, her human ex and her vampyre boyfriend. I know it would sound harsh but, you're a whore Zoey.  And really, the entire book is mostly about her kiss guys in all kind of levels.
What are you talking about? It feels like a diary of an overly-horny teenager.

Heroine- Zoey Redwhore:
I'm sorry if this paragraph sounds like slut shaming, sorry but not sorry. Zoey is kissing her professor (don't remember his name) while Erik is absent, making out with Heath and touching his boner (major ew) and when our poor Erik is back, smoochy-smoochy with him too.
On this note, she also uses her friends like some slaves. I can't even make a guy friend of mine carry my bag, and she makes them give her all she wants. This is just so realistic.

Zoey's Sla-- I mean, Friends:
I started hating the twins, Damian is being a gay prostitute and Stevie Rae is... Sorry, can't type it. Dying of feels over here.
O'Lord, now they turned her into some crappy-evil vampyre witch. Is this our so lovable Neferet we knew?

Hamlet- Erik:
I'm so sorry for Erik to be betrayed  by Zoey. He deserves better than her! Even Aphrodite is better! Here, I said it.

Boner Ex- Heath:
Zoey meets him accidentally while sneaking out of school, makes out with him and drinks his blood. Why isn't she expelled?

That Proffesor who I Don't Remember His Name:
A pedo vampyre who... you know what? If you're interested in teacher-student romance, check out this book. Really.

And now we find out that she was evil only because her parents make her be the best. Oh, poor her.
But seriously, I don't buy it. Might be that she's all over Zoey and wants to make out with her too. Wait, what?
There should have never been a sequel. Never!
I'm going to read only the novellas because they sound cool.
Wait, where's Nala?



-Changing characters with no explanation
-Pretty much everyone and everything

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