Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wrap Up: June '13

Alright, I read A LOT of mangas this month, but I didn't keep up with my TBR list.

The list:

June 1st~30th:
-Kamisama Kiss #9
-Vampire Kisses #3-4
-Hoshi Ni Naru Hi
-Karakuri Odette #1-6
-The Poison Diaries
-Nosatsu Junkie #1-5
-Kedamono Damono #1-3
-Shatter Me

5 Novels
16 mangas
21 books in total

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Update: Green Book Disposal #1

 Green Book Disposal #1/ 29.06.13

After raging, reading and throwing books on the floor, I'm getting rid of some books that aren't good and not pretty enough to stay on my shelf.
L==>R: Evermore (The Immortals, #1); Radiance (Riley Bloom, #1); Blue Moon (The Immortals, #2)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Update: Wattpad?

Alright, as now I'm more than a year on Wattpad, I want to write little reccomendations in the end of every month to 5/10 books. Here a little something, to show you how it goes.

Summer Riot/ Dragonette_Zombie
Ongoing, 7 parts, 16 pages.
"Brandy Sade is expecting a summer as boring as the last, but things change when she discovers her parents won five tickets to go to Greece for the summer. However, the tickets were unexpected and her parents had already planned a cruise to the Caribbean for their anniversary. In other words, they were just planning on leaving Brandy home alone all summer. Now that Brandy has five extra tickets and her parents have other plans, she can bring her friends! She wants to have a good time; sight-see, buy some souvenirs, meet a hot guy. But there's a moment of a spark before they even leave and now her relationship with her best friend, Carson Andrew, is set off, the perfect balance disrupted. So will the whole trip be a catastrophe and the end of their tightly knitted friendship or will it entwine with something other than friendship?"

Fun and entertaining, perfect summer time read for all those who want a nice beach read or even just for the hot days. The characters are entertaining, each of them is different and unique. 
I also loved about the story that it so simple but heart warming in the same time. If you want a nice read on the beach or at the pool, this is for you!

>>Read Here!<<

Friday, 21 June 2013

Review: Dance with a Vampire (Vampire Kisses, #4)

Dance with a Vampire {Vampire Kisses, #4}/ Ellen Schreiber

I don't want to start any arguments, as everyone have their own opinion, I just wanted to say this was the best book in the series so far. If you don't include bitchy valentine, that is.

To be fair, I suggest to read the first three books before reading this review for spoiler-free experience.

Jagger and Luna left Dullsville and all is good, until their little brother, Valentine Maxwell, shows up with an unknown goal. While Raven and Alexander have ups and downs because of the little Nosferatu, the prom is coming up. And that's the reason why this book is called 'Dance with a Vampire'. You're welcome.

The plot of this novel was more polished and entertaining than the last three books. Even though I feel the next books will be more action filled, I enjoyed even the little chapters with no actual meaning (yes, I liked the manicure chapter too. Revenge is best served... with black nailpolish!)
The writing was light and humorous like in the previous books, but some dialogues you don't realize sometimes who is talking until you complete the entire conversation.
Alright, finally, Raven and Alexander have actual problems in their goddamn relationship. They are finally showing signs of not-so-eternal love- Raven has a conflict of joining the dark underworld, while Alexander is craving for her blood and flesh.
Finally! I though it would be lovey-dovey one hundred percent until the end!

Black Lipstick- Raven:
Raven was just a plot device and a comic relief in this novel. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. She also whines about another girl buying the dress she wanted to prom and everyone are like 'we'll do anything for our little Raven'. I'm happy that the rest of the plot made me forget it.
And seriously, who sleeps with hungry vampires in a coffin?!
Not so Gentleman- Alexander:
Alexander was, once again as in the first book, swoon worthy. He actually was craving for blood all along! Now you're a true vampire, Alexander!
But I do have to note that he still all hurt and shit because of the little stuff.

The Missing and Missed- Jagger and Luna:
I miss those two funky vampires! I really do hope they will come later in the series, or else.
The not Amazing One- Valentine:
Valentine wasn't a strong point in this book. Let just say he was swallow, even for a vampire. But I do love his cool-- oops, I almost said a spoiler! Almost killed by fans...
The plot was honestly way better than previous books. I hope to read Coffin Club next month, even though it's right on the shelf.



-Where are the Maxwell's?!

Update: Camp NaNoWriMo July '13

It's summer!

Books, friends and writing are awaiting many young adults all over the world in July. But as for me, 'friends' should be switched with 'summer school'.

Yes, I failed one of my final exams (screw you Hebrew!) and now I need to go to a summer school the entire month of July, four hours a day. But I do have a plan how to success!

First, learning in classes and reading on breaks!
Second, coming home doing homework!
Third, writing busts are ready! Time to shine, bitches!

I hope that we can write sometime all together!

--Alice K.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Review: The Poison Diaries

The Poison Diaries/ Maryrose Wood and Jane Northumberland

What is this? What did I just read?
If only the cover wasn't calling for me, I wouldn't buy a book like this. Heck, even the back of the copy I got had no summary. Well, we'll get to everything in this review-- of doom.

Wait, what was the plot? Was it:
a)Jasmine finding a boy she likes
b)the talking plants
c)psycho Weed
e)angels and death
f)why not trust your own father

The last one could be the title for this novel, I promise you.

As I said, I have no idea what this book was about. I'm really lost here. Well, let's go every plot I could find:
a)The romance was really poorly made. It was one of the many reasons why I skipped through the pages in the last 30% of the book. I don't think I missed anything.
Jasmine and Weed are engaged at 16/17 (Jasmine is younger in one year, or so she believes), and they are like "oh let's marry because daddy said it's okay!"
Why. Did. I. Bother.
b)The idea was actually pretty good! If you didn't enter it 65% into the book, I would be able to enjoy it. And that was the only thing I liked and that's why it gets a star! A star!
c)Weed was hearing plants and shit. He was all "oh no, Jasmine is going to die because of me!"
Dude, calm your tits! Talk to the plants and get a cure.
d)I just skipped it. I didn't feel it was important anyway.
e)I think that there was some kind of angel in the end. I think.
f) Please kill me. Now.

Okay, I think that if you want to write in a poetic way, you should read poems, write poems, live poems and hell, even eat and breath poems (please don't do that literally. You'll get poisoned from the ink)! It doesn't seem that wood can hold a lyrical writing. Bleh.

So not interesting characters. Jasmine is a doormat, Wood is a whiny baby and the professor is a bad papa. They were dull and boring and were really flat.

The only part I loved of the book. I like how the plants help to build the athmosphere of the story, that was not so long after the success of the Revalotionary American War (as the profesor states) which means that the story happens 1783, in an old setting, with a lot to research.
The plants bold out that the man kind doesn't always listen around him. If it was an actual message in the story, I liked it.

Don't bother picking up this book, unless you just want a pretty book on the shelf for others to see.


Recommended to:
-people who don't really have a life
(sorry if it's harsh)


-Everything else

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Review: Betrayed (House of Night, #2)

Betrayed {House of Night, #2}/ P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

I cannot describe my hate toward this sequel. Why was there a sequel? It doesn't seem to improve anything, and just ruined the experience of the first book. This should have a been one book, a stand alone, not a series that make me write a rant as long as the Chinese Wall.

I recommend you to read the first book in the series if you want to not get any spoilers. Better also read the second, 'cause there's a lot to rant about it in, a gentle but spoiler-ish way.

Zoey Redbird is the new leader of the Dark Daughters and Nyx's new slave. She continues with her stupidity to cause troubles, but of course, she's never kicked out of the academy. She dates three men, turns her friends into slaves and ruins every single bit of the story that is left good.

Sixty pages. The first sixty pages were a reminder of the last book. I understand why writers do that, as most people don't pick up a sequel right after they read the first book in a series. Most of them.
Zoey is the new leader, has some great friends and dates Erik Night, the sexiest vampyre in the academy. Or not... Zoey is not satisfied easily, so she needs more men to whore herself out for.
She flirts with one of the professors in the academy, her human ex and her vampyre boyfriend. I know it would sound harsh but, you're a whore Zoey.  And really, the entire book is mostly about her kiss guys in all kind of levels.
What are you talking about? It feels like a diary of an overly-horny teenager.

Heroine- Zoey Redwhore:
I'm sorry if this paragraph sounds like slut shaming, sorry but not sorry. Zoey is kissing her professor (don't remember his name) while Erik is absent, making out with Heath and touching his boner (major ew) and when our poor Erik is back, smoochy-smoochy with him too.
On this note, she also uses her friends like some slaves. I can't even make a guy friend of mine carry my bag, and she makes them give her all she wants. This is just so realistic.

Zoey's Sla-- I mean, Friends:
I started hating the twins, Damian is being a gay prostitute and Stevie Rae is... Sorry, can't type it. Dying of feels over here.
O'Lord, now they turned her into some crappy-evil vampyre witch. Is this our so lovable Neferet we knew?

Hamlet- Erik:
I'm so sorry for Erik to be betrayed  by Zoey. He deserves better than her! Even Aphrodite is better! Here, I said it.

Boner Ex- Heath:
Zoey meets him accidentally while sneaking out of school, makes out with him and drinks his blood. Why isn't she expelled?

That Proffesor who I Don't Remember His Name:
A pedo vampyre who... you know what? If you're interested in teacher-student romance, check out this book. Really.

And now we find out that she was evil only because her parents make her be the best. Oh, poor her.
But seriously, I don't buy it. Might be that she's all over Zoey and wants to make out with her too. Wait, what?
There should have never been a sequel. Never!
I'm going to read only the novellas because they sound cool.
Wait, where's Nala?



-Changing characters with no explanation
-Pretty much everyone and everything

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Review: Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, #3)

Vampireville {Vampire Kisses, #3}/ Ellen Schreiber

Okay, this book's rating was a little tricky: it was better than the second(***), but not as good as the first(****).

It's reccomended to read the first two books as to give you spoiler-free review for your enjoyment.

Raven brought back with her Alexander- and two more Nosferatus. Jagger and Luna are on their way to take over Dullsville; and their first pray is Trevor, the one who will spread the vampire blood in the entire town. It's up to the mortal-goth and her sweet vampire to save Dullsville from turning into Vampireville.

I did like the plot in this book than in the second one! I liked how Raven and Alexander turned into the Scooby Doo gang duo with a Mercedes instead of The Mystery Machine. They started investigating where the twin vampires are hiding if not in a cemetery.
I also liked how the vampires tried to make Raven break. It showed us not just that the enemy is some serious business, but also shows that Raven is still awesome.
Heroine- Raven:
Speaking of Raven, I got two points about her; what I hated and what I loved: I hated in this book that Raven was protected like a little kid by her gorgeous prince of darkness, and even more when she didn't listen to him at all.
But what I did like about Raven in this part was that she got her badassery back, and started being less of a Mary Sue (if you don't include all the three love interests).

Prince of Dorkness- Alexander:
Hey, Alexander, didn't you think you should treat Raven more like a lady? There's two other guys who are about to snatch your little bat from you. Catch her!
God of Skeletons- Jagger:
Jagger will never stop being a jerk to both Raven and Alexander. He's still sneaking up on Raven, and gets into her house without permission.

Soccer Airhead- Trevor:
He's being targeted by Luna and he thinks that she actually loves him, while she just plays with him. Nothing to say except he thinks that Raven is in love with him too. What a nice love square.

Goth fairy- Luna:
Luna was really cute but manipulating. She was nice but with a cause. I liked her.
I also wish she and Raven would become friends. It would be so sweet and...
Could be better if not the dragging mystery and finding out hiding places. And why is there so much description on cloth?

3.5/4 STARS

Reccomended to:
-Vampire lovers
-Those who read the first two books


-Stop talking about cloths!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review: Radiance (Riley Bloom, #1)

Radiance {Riley Bloom, #1}/ Alyson Noel

My day was awful: I got food poisoning, fainted, went to school for four periods and now need to review a book that I didn't like one bit. Yay me.

If this review is going to be a huge rant, don't be surprised.

Riley, Ever's little sister, is dead. With her parents and her dog, Buttercup, she crossed the bridge to the afterlife. She lives in a place called Here, where it's always Now. Don't ask for directions or time. In Here & Now, everything works with your imagination and... stuff.

I don't know where to start with my disappointment. I didn't ask too much from this book. I though I would enjoy this on the level of Kiss & Blog. But nooo. Instead, I got... a book full of crap.

Riley was one of the most annoying characters I encountered. Heck, when I hear people bitching about Ever, I'm like:
Seriously, Riley is thinking about three things: a)how Bodhi is cute without glasses; b)how much she misses the earth plane; and c)how amazing her investigation instincts are.
My, what amazing investigation instincts you got there, Riley, you know shit out of the blue! She becomes a legendary hero by not fearing some crazy clowns dentists, with fire eyes and snake hands. I think that somebody could have done it way earlier.

Also, Bodhi turned out to be a fail. I was like 'well, at least nerds get some love here!' but nooo. Bodhi turned into a douche-angel, being all annoying and dressing up like he's 'one of the nerds'. Don't you just hate when all the love interests are over the top popular/jerks/shitmouths? Well, Bodhi let down my expectations so badly, I hated him more than Riley.

And now, because I love dogs, let's talk about Buttercup!
Wait, I didn't like him. Why? Because even as a dog, he had zero personality except for being a cough potato. Even the dog is ruined in this book!

Now, let's talk about the world we're in. It feels like a white, blank room. With a hole or two in the wall.
Here & Now was actually really original- for a blank space. In Here, you can create whatever you want with your mind. Okay, got it. Good. Mm hm.
My problem was that Noel didn't really keep up with the base of this world. In this world, you can even change your cloth in two seconds and have any ability or skill you want. But was it done right? For example:

   All I can say about the skateboarding is that Bodhi did not ride at all like I'd assumed he would.  Because to be honest, I expected to see a pretty bad spectacle--- a real wince-worthy display. But the truth is, he didn't fall, didn't wipe out, didn't even falter the slightest bit.
On the contrary, he did so many loops and turns and spins and tricks--- it was all I could do to keep pace. 
I guess I didn't see that coming.
I was stunned in every conceivable way.
And just in case you think it can all be attributed to the fact that he's dead--- well, think again. I'm dead too, and I could barely stay upright, much less loop and spin my way up and down those winding, swooping, curving hills. Nope, that was pure skill on his part, a skill I clearly lacked.

Do you see what I mean? If you can get any skill, Riley's and Bodhi's skateboard skills should be even. That doesn't make sense to me!
And the little 'romantic' thing in the end could be avoided.


Where's my Taco?!


Not recommended to ANYONE!



Sunday, 2 June 2013

Review: Marked (House of night, #1)

Marked{House of Night, #1}/ P. C. and Kristin Cast

I'm writing this review after reading the second book. Be warned I will praise this one more than I should or want to. In a matter of fact, I don't know why Cast insisted on a series when the first book could be a stand alone.

Zoey is marked. Zoey lived a normal high school life, like any other vampire book heroine, and she turns into a vampyre by a mysterious stranger (not the Mark Twain book!). She has to enroll into the House of Night, an academy for young vampyres.

I'm actually happy that the book is set in an environment of humans knowing of vampyres. But what bugs me is they still don't live with each other in peace. But okay, no need to get all hysteric. But what makes the plot interesting is actually the fact that vampyres are more black magic witches and wizards. But they don't have fangs so I'm really disappointed.

The writing was... teenage like. Actually, that what the Casts tried to do: to make the language in the novel appeal to teenagers. But they tried too hard.
Zoey can't stop thinking about her math test in the beginning of the book nonstop. While I'm writing this, I have a huge exam in two and a half hours. Do you see me giving that many fucks?
And what's up with the vampyre spelling? Did they think it was cool?
Heroine- Zoey Redbird:
Oh Lord, help me.
Zoey was almost as annoying as Bella Duck, except that Bella didn't call every pretty chick a hoe. Was Zoey that much jealous of Aphrodite that she was blonde and sexy? Sheesh...

Zoey's Friends:
Zoey gets on her first day a package; a package full of new friends that should help her forget about her old ones and he stupid ex nobody gives even two shits about.
The friend I liked the most was Stevie Rae. Everyone love Stevie Rae. She's that cool and cute chick in not so good novels that make them better. I hope.

Love Interest- Erik:
Oh, the swoon vampyre that we need an AC to not die. He's really kind, nice, sweet, productive in act performance and romantic. Do I need to say more?

Nemesis- Aphrodite:
Guide- Neferet:
Neferet is a mature vampyre that I respect. She's a strong female character, and always holds her head high.

Cat- Nala:
Because cats need tot be mentioned also.
I did enjoy some parts of the book. Some of the characters were really amazing and it's hard to decribe how much I love Neferet, Stevie Rae, Nala and Erik. Good stuff, but could have been better.


Recommended to:
-Vampire lovers
-Fantasy lovers
-Girls who slut shame

-Neferet <3
-Stevie Rae
-Magic & Spells
-School with dorms

-No fangs! GIVE ME FANGS!
-Characters that nobody cares about