Saturday, 11 May 2013

Review: Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)

Shiver {The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1}/ Maggie Stiefvater

Yes, I quit. I quit because of... reasons. Okay, okay, I will put the cards on the table: Shiver is not a bad book. No, the writing is good, for Lord's sake. So why did I quit? Romance. Romance that popped out of (almost) nowhere and then, shit hit the fan. It wasn't my cup of tea.

Grace was attacked as a child by wolves that lived in the forest by her house. Since then, there was one wolf always watching her from afar, always there for her. Even by staring at each other, they felt really close to each other and... enough description, let's get to the review!

I usually don't pick up a werewolf story, but when I do, someone either recommends it, or it's written by an author I like. Or I read it on Wattpad. Anyhow, I do sometimes like love from afar, if it's done right (like in the Vampire Kisses series). But I just hated it when they suddenly started making out and slept in the same bed, like it's not one hundred percent awkward when you have zero love life until this point. I know it would be awkward for most of us, at least. That was the point where I stopped.

The writing was simple but yet well describing and leading us into the book. I could close my eyes and be there. I don't find many books I feel this way toward their writing the same way. Actually, if not the writing, I would put this book after ten pages. Really.

Heroine- Grace:
Grace was that simple and plain girl with simple friend that have simple hobbies. Yep, I'm out.

Love Interest- Sam:
Sam was... the despaired hottie. A hottie werewolf. An Emo one. And nay, even with my love to those character traits, I had zero love to him. He was all like Grace, it's me! Now, let's smooch! If I was Grace, i would be like LOL nope! If I didn't make it clear, I saw him plain too.

Other Characters:

The writing was what I was there for most of the time. I don't say don't check it out, please do, but keep in mind it's not friendly to the entire planet and might remind you of twilight. But if you though of picking up the book, just do it (Alice, your jokes suck).

2 stars

Recomended for:
-people who love werewolves
-people who love good writing
-Twilight fans

-the fact that werewolves shape shift when it's cold

-Twilight like
-sloppy romance

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