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Review: Kissing Coffins (Vampire Kisses, #2)

Kissing Coffins {Vampire Kisses, #2}/ Ellen Schreiber

Kissing Coffins is the second novel in the Vampire Kisses series, shorter but more mysterious. Really?
I have no idea why, but I don't like this novel as the previous one was fuller, and I'm not talking about the length.

If you didn't read the first book in the series, then please leave because this review contains major spoilers. I warned you bro.

Alexander runs away and Raven hopelessly tries to find him and tracks him down to Hipsterville (again, she named it). While being there she bumps by mistake into a stranger named Jagger, with a punk look and speech that leaves bruises.

My biggest pet peeve is, again, that the novel didn't contain much. Yes, this novel has less words, about a half less, but in the first book, there was more action in each half more than in the entire second book. This book was mostly talking about Raven missing Alexander and how she spends her time in Hipsterville and most of the action happens in THE END of the book. Still, I must say that if I was supposed to hold the same amount of plot, it would be hard for me too to give it good pacing. I don't blame Schreiber at all and actually support her with understanding. Kinda.

The writing was as nice as in the first book, but when she started to repeat words, it annoyed me to death.

Old Characters:
Raven- oh, my sweet child. My sweet, goth, goth child.
Wait what?
Did you say something? Like Raven not being badass enough? Whoever you are, I so agree with you! Raven, hold your act together! If my love is not coming back to me, I leave it. Heck, even if I go finding them, I would track them down and high five this person. In the face.
On the other note, even if you became jelly brain goth, keep in mind that thinking about a guy 24/7 will cause you a very minor case... of serious brain damage.

Alexander- why? Just one plain... why?

New Characters:
Jagger- heck, this guy is a total badass! A funky badass! If he wasn't a vampire and a dick, I would date him. Maybe.
Okay, enough screwing around; Jagger is, as it seems, our new enemy, one with power and lust. I mean... nope, he's like that bro. No lies.

Okay, I know what you're thinking;
Yes, I'm a fandom person, and I'm happy with Raven and Alexander being together;
I can't help but ship Jagger with Alexander. Help.

I could have enjoyed this book more if not the dragging drama. If you liked the first book, check this one out. If you didn't like the first, that's okay, you still can read the second one.

3/3.5 STARS

Recommended to:
-those who loved the first book
-those who didn't like the first book
-those who love vampire. duh.

-Ships (really?)
-Raven's Grandmother

-Raven changing in a bad way
-Alexander being hot, but stupid

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