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Review: Kiss & Blog

Kiss & Blog/ Alyson Noel

As some of you may know, for some absurd reason, I made an Alyson Noel haul. Yes, two books is a haul for me. Now shut up! I'm not a Noel fan, never was really, but something makes me read her novels, even when I want to falcon punch most of the characters in the face.

Winter and Sloane are besties forever. Or so they though. After years of being outcasts, they casted a goal: to be in the popular squad. But Sloane ditches Winter and Winter makes out with hotties.

Cliche, such a cliche my dear Noel. Two best friends, one ditches another, revenge, bla bla bla, yada yada yada. Well, I did like the blog idea and telling anonymously dirty secrets. If only I had the balls to blackmail people or posting their embarrassing crap all over the internet, I would be a happier person. I think. Maybe.

No! That's a bad idea! On the internet, you can be found out so easily it's not even funny!
One minute she was talking about her back story, next minute she said something about her crush getting into the cafe. What?

Heroine- Winter:
This is going to be a long rant. Belts please.
I don't know what Noel though when she created Winter. Wait, I actually do.  In one of her interviews, Noel actually said that she first comes up with a story, than with a character. Most of us do, right? But here's the punch line: she feels the story is more important than the characters. Characters=Plot, not Characters<Plot.
Anyways, here's a brief summery of Winter. Winter is an outcast girl music from the eighties, likes to read and write, and is really shy.
It seems like Winter listens only to Sex Pistols and The Beatles (if I get something wrong here, I'm a noob in music, so don't take to your heart), never opens a book, less writes anything and is making out with total strangers. Sigh.
I think that when Winter says she likes to read, leads her to love to write, leads her to write a blog. Huh.
Anyhow, she calls herself shy. In what fucking parallel universe are you shy Mary fluffing Sue?!
You make out with a guy and almost had sex with when you've known him for, like, two weeks. There's no flicking romance or electricity, it just shows how teenagers nowdays can be... umm... passionate.
If all that description wasn't enough to explain how much I hate, despise the main character, I'll tell you a secret. If she existed, I would come to her place and be like:
Bestie to Enemy- Sloane:
Social reputation? Please, that girl can't even mean what she says.
Sloane was Winter's BFF and turned into a teenage version of Honey Boo Boo. She also lies, she stubs in the back and flirts with guys only to score. Okay, I don't always hate this kind of characters, but she was so one dimensional. She used Winter and all, but I just... I want to choke her.

Love Interests- Easton & Rey:
Before you hate me, here's the truth- I never like Easton. And in the beginning I liked Rey, but by the end he was ruined so badly.
Easton was that guy from some fancy art school that you use him to make out. When we first met him, he was bleh. The rest of the book he was bleh. But on the other hand we had Rey. When I first met Rey...
That's right he was that guy. It's been quite a while since I met a fictional male character that I can swoon over, so when we're introduced to Rey, I don't know why not love him. He calls the girl milady and sings songs to her. I just wish it was me and not Winter-frozen-brain.
So if choose between Easton and Rey, me and Winter both agree on Rey. (What kind of name is Easton anyway? Sounds like tooth brush brand)

Little Sis- Autumn:
Autumn is my most favorite character in this novel. She's an artist, smart and chooses boys by their mind, not looks. She also has really good taste in fashion. She was a bit of a perfection of me.
Popular Squad:
Such a cliche I don't even want to start writing about it.

Kiss & Blog could be a nice read if not all the unnecesary description and rolling in the blog idea only 30% into the book. Also... how the hell people shrug so much in this book and their shoulders don't hurt one bit?!


Reccomended for:
-Alyson Noel fans
-Blog lovers
-Love triangle lovers


-Majority of the plot
-Most of the characters

And now, a little lovely quote from the book:
"Memories are the only things we really own, the only things that stay constant." He shrugs. "Everything else becomes dust."

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