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Review: Vampire Kisses (Vampire Kisses, #1)

Vampire Kisses {Vampire Kisses, #1}/ Ellen Schreiber

Vampire Kisses is the first vampire novel by Ellen Schreiber, also the first book in the series with the same name.
This book is on the list of books called 'Books I've Read More Than Once'. You might think that I've read it three times because I like it? Kinda. But the real reason is that I have more than half of the series on my shelf, and every time I want to read the rest of the series, I end up forgetting the setting. Be warned people with memory problems.

The story goes around Raven Madison, a teenage goth that lives in Dullsville(or so she calls it), a small town full of gossipers. Her life is boring and pointless until someone moves in into the abandoned mansion on the hill.

In the past, this book would score from me a five star rating, but now that I go down to the details, it's hard not to notice some major flaws that are hidden with good foundation.

The plot was the base for romantic vampire books. True story.
This novel was published way before Twilight, that brought with it an actual wave of books in this genre, both published and online writing websites as one.
After a bit of cliche history, the story was decent but there were some plot holes that I noticed only recently: how Raven and Alexander fell in love so deeply only by thinking of one another? How come this dude invited for dinner a girl who broke into his house? There are stuff unexplainable, especially the ending, but the next book gives an 'okay' summery of reasons. The funny thing is, that was supposed to be a stand alone. Are you telling me that we were supposed to read tarot cards to understand?

I never had or do have a problem with Schreiber's writing style. The writing was simple and sparkling. Wait, sparkling? Her writing style was so light that you could just read chapters without noticing, or at least in my case. I would pick up more books by her.

Heroine- Raven:
I like Raven a lot. At least in this book. She knows how to kick ass and can be a badass but sometimes doing stupid things out of boredom. My biggest problem with her was that she was a giant goth-girl cliche, and let me tell you something: theres a type of goths called cyber goths and THEY WEAR BLACK WITH NEON COLORS. THEY EXIST, SO WHY NOT PUT THEM IN FICTION?! I love to rant, huh.

Love Interest- Alexander:
The swooing goth dude who loves Marilyn Manson so much that he can marry him, is our one and only love interest. Maybe this book is an old YA, but at least it doesn't have some weird-ass love triangle. It will soon get on my nerves.
This one is my favorite vampire dude ever (except for Grimm, one of my own characters). He is not the most realistic character ever, but he was decent. He had hobbies and wasn't a total Gary Stu, and it's easy to drool over him.

Overall: if you want a nice, relaxed, short read, this book will be a decent choice. Just be warned, it's gore-less.

3.5/4 STARS

Recommended for:
-Vampire lovers
-Simple book lovers
-Those who want a nice read

-Kinda the plot

-Vegetarian vampire
-Typical goth

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