Sunday, 24 March 2013

Review: Night School

Night School/C. J. Daugherty

This is more of a rant than an actual review, so be warned my friends.

The story surrounds Allie, a problematic girl who gets arrested few times a year is sent to a boarding school miles from her hometown, London. She enrolls to the Cimmeria Academy, which hold 'secrets' and 'mystery'.

The second you heard Allie was arrested, you think she will be a badass and a strong heroine? Wrong!
I've read only half of the book but let me explain: there's two Allies; one int he first few chapters, the badass. And another who is a perfect student, like makeup and somehow survives without her iPod, who was her 'getaway'. It was so unrealistic that in one -poof- she turned into a loved by everyone girl, that she automatically get's into a love triangle. And one of her love interests tried to rape her. What is wrong with Young Adult novels nowadays?

Also, the idea of night classes sounded like the biggest rip off of the manga 'Vampire Knight'. Seriously, students who learn at night, mystery and shit... the people are- oh! Vampires! I was so surprised! Heck no. Daugherty didn't keep up the mystery well as she mostly just focuses on the stupid daily, boring stuff. God, I could slice the book in half and it would be the same!

The book was mostly boring and dull, and the love interests were so bleh. One that felt for me like some fake-face and the other was a rapist (yes, Allie almost got raped. The actual fuck?) I'm sorry I quit, but so many things are just wrong with this book.

0/0.5/1 STARS

Recommended to:
-people who don't mind reading a book with nothing
-who like any kind of book
-those who like to rant

-The beggining
-Allie in the first few pages

Everything else

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