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Review: Fated (The Soul Seekers, #1)

Fated {The Soul Seekers, #1}/Alyson Noel

Where do I begin? First of all, I have really mixed up feelings about this book. I don't know if I love it or hate it, maybe both.

The story goes around Daire Santos, a daughter of a known make up artist of Hollywood, Jennika, who never had a place to call a home. When they are on a movie set in Morocco, Daire sees dead figures and heads on spikes, and when she tells that to her mother, she thinks she lost it and sends her to a doctor. The doctor can't help with his useless medication, so our 'poor' Daire is sent to New Mexico, to live with her Shamanist grandmother. Soon, she founds out she's a 'soul seeker' and her duty is to save the balance of her world.

First thing first, the plot was actually pretty cool and awesome, compered to the first 50 pages I read of Evermore, Noel's other 'paraNORMAL' series. I loved the pattern of Native American mythology and the cool magicK (yes, it's written like that) skills that Daire learned along the way. But did she use them wisely? No! My only problem with the plot was that it was so predictable, that I wanted to take the book and throw it through the window. That's the reason why it took me few MONTHS to read it (while reading comic books along the way). If you can't stand a plot that you know what's going to happen, DON'T pick up this book.

(That's a warning to you all.)

That was my big hate about this novel, except the stupid romance.

According to reviews on old Noel's novels, this book actually had a lot more showing than in other books, but if to tell the truth, will all those nice words, it felt really dull. It was like a painting that the artist just threw the pretties colors in the world on canvas, and it looked like a disaster. The writing was like 'oh, I found a new word in a dictionary that looks cool! I will put it in the next sentence!' I'm not even kidding.

Heroine- Daire Santos:
The most stupid, impatient and unthankful teenage girl I've ever met. If I choose from Daire, Zoey (The House of Night series) and Bella Duck (Twilight) which heroine I hate most, that would be a hard decision as 'to be, or not to be?'. I can't say much about her that I don't hate, so I will just say she was kind of okay in the last 10 pages. Seriously, Noel, seriously?

Love Interest- Dace:
Title says it all- those two lover birds are 'fated' to be together and no evil can do them apart.
Dace was supposed to be sweet, gentle and kind but I just saw him as the-wannabe-interesting-character (TWIC for short). I had high hopes for this douche.

Villain- Cade:
I might be the blackest ship ever, but I liked Cade. A lot.
Sad story is, he's one of the most three-dementional character in the story (except for few minor but awesome characters). He wasn't a perfect person and he was monster like, but he made the plot a bit better and he looked like an actual person. When I started reading the book, it never came to my mind that he would be my second favorite. I'm still shocked that one of my most favorite characters in the book was a manipulating dickhead. I still like him, though. Way too much.

Minor Characters:
Jennika- I don't know who I should give the-worst-mother-in-fiction award; to Jennika or Ezra's mother (from Pretty Little Liars). Jennika was this kind of character that you want to punch her and ask: the hell is wrong with you?!'
Her young age is an excuse to be a bitch, but hey, guess what? Being sixteen and pregnant shouldn't make you a bad parent! She never let her daughter have friends or a place to stay, as they were moving from one movie set to another. Oh, and the tragic irony is, she thinks it's best for her daughter. I just... I don't want to live on the planet anymore.

Xotichl- the second she appeared in the book, I fell in love with her. She was that girl that from the second she opens her month, you know you want her to always be there so you somehow like the book.
Xotichl (read Sochee) is a blind girl who can read energy. She's peaceful and spiritual but not naive and stupid. She was one of the most real characters and even at some point by the end, she turned into a true bad ass. I can't really describe how much I love her actually.

Paloma and Chay- those two were my favorite adults in the book. They guide our little Daire into all the three worlds, and they were really great support for her. Paloma was the grandmother that most of us would like to have: understanding, patient and had a realistic mind.
Chay was less of a guide than Paloma, but he helped with teaching some of the connections with the worlds.

The book was a fun read from time to time, but I still wonder how I didn't rip apart the book at some points. I think I will try to survive the entire series.

2.5/3 STARS

Recommend to:
-Alyson Noel fans
-if you like sloppy romance
-if you are not a perfectionist


-you want to write a rant/negative review

-most of the minor characters

-Daire and Dace
-the romance

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