Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review: Daire meets Ever (The Soul Seekers, #0.5)

Daire meets Ever {The Soul Seekers, #0.5}/ Alyson Noel

This is a short story that happens before most of the first book in The Soul Seekers series, Fated.
This short story features Daire Santos, the heroine of the new series. She's in the hospital ward, and in my theory, it's between chapter two to three.
Daire tries to escape from the hospital/psycho ward, and bumps into Ever.

The story was really short and was a 5+ minutes read. It was nice to spend a few moments on it and actually, between us, I think Noel wrote this shorty after she wrote the first book, because her writing was simple and fun to read.

The writing didn't bold up, but I have no hate for simple writing, it was soft and fitted perfectly the story.

Daire- She didn't do much but try and escape the hospital. In the story, I had no hate for her and liked her remarks.
Ever- It would be a surprise to most Noel haters, but Ever is nice and not annoying. I have no idea how that happened.
Damen- From where the fuck he came? Why was he here?
Jennika- Stay pretty, lady.

4/4.5 STARS

-Enjoyed reading
-A bit of Ever

-Damen doing shit

Well, if you want to read this bonus, search for The Soul Seekers app on FaceBook. Takes no time and is a nice read.

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